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Making baby bottles smart

Sipple attaches to your baby bottle, measures critical feeding parameters
and guides baby’s feeding at home

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Clinicians are missing real-time objective parameters of infant feeding.

Proper feeding and nutrition are essential for growth cognitive and psychological health.

When infants struggle with feeding, it can be extremely stressful for parents and there are limited tools available to them to help manage feeding difficulties in their baby.

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This first year has taken a huge emotional and physical toll on me.

Sharon, NYC

Mother to a preemie with feeding difficulties

Too many infants struggle with feeding difficulties


of preemies

of all infants


Sipple is the solution

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Feeding Evaluation

Sipple fits all majorly available baby bottles and our unique set of sensors seamlessly measures and tracks the baby’s feeding performance.

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Feeding Guidance for Parents

Sipple app automatically connects to the device via Bluetooth, analyzes the data, and provides parents with real-time guidance to improve their baby’s feeding skills.

Additionally, it conveniently tracks an infant’s intake, so no longer does a parent need to write down 10 feeds a day!

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Objective Metrics for Clinicians

Sipple makes telehealth visits easier by providing clinicians with objective data.

Our Unique Benefits

Automatic milk intake tracking

Earlier Diagnostics

& Reports

Remote monitoring & control for Telehealth

Objective Metrics

Real-time feeding guidance

Our Team

Vitaly Shlimovich


  • 6 years in Product Development and Design for Production in Food, Medical Device and Pharma domains

  • 4 years of leading projects in FDA-regulated environment

  • MBA, Tel Aviv University, NYU Stern School of Business

  • Mechanical Engineering, Technion

Sipple_-_Vitaly-removebg-preview 1.png


  • Mother of 2

  • Medical Director of Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics, Assistant clinical professor in Pediatrics & Behavioral Pediatrics (Clinical focus: Prematurity), Mount Sinai

  • High-risk NICU follow-up clinic supervisor, Mount Sinai

  • MS in Biomedical Informatics, NYU

Dr. Caroline Martinez, MD

Caroline_with_her_child-removebg-preview 1.png


Adv_-_David_Pring-removebg-preview 1.png
  • Marketing and Branding Advisor and Mentor. Managing Partner at BlindSpot Partners

  • NYU Stern Associate Faculty

David Pring

Mandi Pek, MS, RD, CDN

Advanced Clinical Nutrition Coordinator with a focus on Pediatric Nutrition.

Adv-Mandi Pek 1.png

Jennifer Bragg

Associate Professor of Pediatrics with research interests in optimizing neonatal outcomes through NICU follow-up and early intervention.

Adv-Mandi Pek 1.png

Dr. Neina Ferguson

Speech-Language Pathologist and Pediatric Feeding/Swallowing Specialist

our team
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